To do 2016 ford bronco test drive, you might wait a little bit longer. As you know, this car has been discontinued for twenty years. Reviving Bronco is not easy task, even for prominent manufacture like Ford. First generation of Bronco went into market in 1966 as small SUV. Ford added several updates each year until fifth generation. Sales and the tough market are main reasons why Ford puts this car on discontinues list.


Several concept cars have been introduced in automotive exhibition. Company did not state directly that one of concept is Bronco, but fans see another view. New Bronco is completely different from previous model. In spite of uncertainty condition, people expect this car to be premium SUV. Ford has Explorer as full-size SUV and F150 as pickup with share similar platform. The only chance is premium category which the market is relativity stable.

More about 2016 Ford Bronco Test Drive and Car’s Specs

You might eager to participate in 2016 Ford Bronco test drive, but keep patient for a moment. This car is still in development. As SUV, front grille is larger and firm to show sporty and masculine properties. Strong front grille is necessary when you drive in off-road condition. Headlamp is already LED to enhance visibility. LED light can pass any condition during journey such as rain, fog, mist, night, and snow. LED will shine through this obstacle to let drivers see clearly what’s going on around them. It is a part of safety measure.

2016 Ford Bronco test drive will show how large inside this car. The cabin consists of three-row seats. Seven to eight persons, including driver, can occupy this car. Moreover, there is touchscreen display at front dashboard with some indicators in front of diver seat. Compartment is available to put personal belonging. This car is equipped with advanced navigation and internet system. Driver will get notification for anything important such as road condition, weather, engine temperature, traffic situation, and gas station.


In addition, 2017 Ford Bronco is similar to 2016 model. Engine capacity starts from 4.0 to 5.0 liter depends on manufacturer last decision. People expect to have 4.6 liter Bronco. Engine and performance are important for SUV. Estimation of powertrain is more than 360 horsepower. If Ford turns Bronco into premium SUV, its power will reach more than 400 horsepower.

To make 2016 Ford Bronco test drive easy, the transmission is designed in six or seven speed automatic with manual variant as optional. This car is all-wheel drive, so it is suitable for off-road or long journey. The fuel is gasoline with diesel engine which is available at specific region. For future model, Ford should consider to release hybrid version of Bronco. Other features are traction control, rear camera, parking censor, tire pressure management, anti-lock braking, cooling system, seatbelt, and airbags.

People still wait for official release of this car. Doing 2016 Ford Bronco test drive is not enough. You need to buy this car with initial price at $40,000. The price might be higher as effect of several factor, mostly the cost production, taxes, and inflation. Therefore, this car sits at the top list of wanted car for future.